• Pharmacy Information Management: is a multi-functional system that helps pharmacists to keep track of medicine supplies and organize them. The modules aids in the reduction of medication errors, the improvement of patient safety, the reporting of drug usage, and the tracking of expenses.
  • Medicine Management: To manage medicines modules will assess the need for and use of medication, the patient’s response to medication, and the patient’s level of understanding of the drug and how to take it with the patient.
  • Categorize Medicine Information: Categorizing the drugs available in the pharmacy will be much easier for the admin through the help of this module. This will do the monitoring and checking of the medicine information to identify its category.
  • Monitor Medicine Orders: is used to keep track of dates and events throughout the process chain, from placing an order with an external vendor to presenting goods in a store or receiving goods in a distribution center.
  • Manage Sales and Stocks: This module will help the Pharmacist with the sales and stocks management that includes ordering, storing, tracking, and monitoring stock levels as well as monitoring their revenue.
  • Drug Inventory Management: The drug inventory management module strives to reduce procurement and carrying expenses while maintaining a sufficient stock of products to meet the needs of customers and prescribers. This will also monitor the performance of the pharmacy and to know what are the most needed medicines.
  • Generate Processes Reports: In all organization or business, reports are very essential. To help the admin in these matters, this module generates the transaction reports to keep track of the pharmacy activities.

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